Retail Testimonials

My business is built around bringing healthy products to life. The Add a Scoop line of sugar-free, high antioxidant, fat-trimming and energy boosts syncs perfectly with my concept.

Gary Brisker, President – Yogurt Frenzy, Mesa AZ

We have been using Juice Bar Solutions for over 7 years. When we first got into the juice and smoothie business David and his staff were a tremendous help to us. We currently use many of their all natural supplements and couldn’t be more happy with the taste and the quality. JBS is where we turn for all of our supplemental needs.

Benjamin D. Grosko, CEO – Nectar Juice & Smoothie Bar, Uniontown, OH

We build healthy relationships with our customers and the Add a Scoop boosts are were a great product to find. We sell Add a Scoop Supplements at all 19 our LA Fitness locations and our clients love the boosts.

Bella Collavo, Area Director – Pure & Natural Blends, Los Angeles, CA

Customers really appreciate the variety of boosters we offer from Add a Scoop Supplements. We give them a scoop in each smoothie…they love it and it keeps them coming back for more!

Amir Mostafavi, Owner – Campus Fresh, George Washington University

Domestic Distributor Testimonials

Cascade Valley Blends is the Northwest Distributor for Add A Scoop. From the first day we started distributing Add A Scoop products the response from our customers has been outstanding. All of the products are very pure and quite simply do everything you would expect them to do. With no fluff and no added flavor they are extremely easy to add to any drink you serve. We have our own line of Smoothie mixes and we were looking for a line of supplements that had quality, variety and mixed well with our products. Add A Scoop was a home run from day one and is now an integral part of our product line. Make add A Scoop part of what you offer your customers and you will see an increase in repeat sales and satisfied customers.

Dan Olmstead, President – Cascade Valley Blends, Auburn, WA

Juice Bar Solutions provides consistent service, reliability, and proven products for the foodservice market. They are the “Go To” people for scoopable nutrition supplements.

John & Lisa Hyvonen, Owners – Domenico Food Products, Denver, CO

International Distributor Testimonials

As the National importer for Add a Scoop in Canada, Gerhards understands the importance that consumers place on staying healthy while keeping up with our daily lives.

Add a Scoop is highly valued in the Café and Smoothie industry here in Canada with countless benefits that are brought to every counter. Customers love how easy it is to boost their beverage and make a healthier choice, at such an inexpensive price. We see the value of adding vitamin supplements to any menu that sells blended beverages.

We have appreciated working with Add a Scoop, and their years of experience have helped us understand new trends & health concerns that many North Americans have, & more importantly how their quality products can be used in many simple ways to promote and appeal to a healthier lifestyle.

James Zannet