About Us

Years ago, our founders owned and operated several yogurt and smoothie bars in the San Francisco area. In the interest of catering to the customers’ appetite for healthy foods, they listed individual supplements on their menu board such as ginseng, taurine, guarana, etc. It was soon very apparent that customers had no idea what the benefits of each boost were.

After some thought, they decided to combine select ingredients together and call it an Energy boost. And that proved to be the start of a very popular eighteen-product supplement line.

Their idea was simple: a wide range of functional supplements; taste-free, easy to use, and of uniform scoop size. The name for each boost would describe the benefit. Like all healthy things, business began growing. People wanted healthy benefits added in. In fact, they had such great success with positioning their smoothie shops to the health and wellness market, that they sold their shops so they could focus completely on helping other retailers reposition their stores to attract these customers.