Do Add a Scoop Supplements have any odor, color or taste?

No color or flavors are added; the smoothie boosts are flavorless and beige with tinges of the natural ingredients; once in a while the natural flavor of the ingredients can be distinguished and two retain the natural taste of their ingredients: Green Blend has its greenish color and nutritious wheatgrass taste; MatchaGT also has a green color and vegetable taste.

What types of businesses use Add a Scoop Supplement Blends and Matcha GT?

Smoothie Bars, Coffee Concepts, Fitness Centers, Yogurt & Ice Cream Stores, Cafes & Delis, Casinos. Just about any retailer with a blender.

Do Add a Scoop Supplement Blends contain sugar?

The Add a Scoop Blends have no added sugar. MatchaGT premix has both sugar and pectin.

Do Add a Scoop Supplement Blends contain any preservatives?

No. We protect and preserve Add a Scoop Blends simply by packaging and sealing them in an airtight HDPE canister.

How many people actually add supplements to their diet?

68% of US adults take supplements, and 70% take a multi-vitamin. US Supplement Sales 2016: 37 Billion
The global smoothies market to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during the period 2016-2020.

Are Add a Scoop Supplement Blends and Matcha GT certified Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian?

A. Yes, please check the individual product labels for specific certification(s).
Add a Scoop Supplements & Matcha GT are certified Kosher by Star-K Certification, Inc for information please visit www.star-k.org
Add a Scoop Supplements & Matcha GT are certified by the American Vegetarian Association for more information please visit www.amerveg.org
Add a Scoop Supplements & Matcha GT are certified Halal by Islamic Services of America, for information please visit www.isahalal.org

Do any of your Blends contain caffeine?

Most do not. Caffeine is NOT added as an ingredient. Antioxidant Blend, Matcha GT, Energy Blend and Smart Blend have naturally occurring caffeine because a few ingredients (such as green tea and guarana) contain naturally occurring caffeine.

How long do Add a Scoop Supplement Blends last?

Every Add a Scoop package has an expiration date stamped on it. For most blends, 2-3 years from date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry environment. Once opened, it’s best to keep the lid on and secure. Do not leave it open when not in use.

Can Add a Scoop Supplement Blends be used in Blended Frappes and Blended Tea Beverages?

Yes, Any blended beverage can be boosted with Add a Scoop Supplement Blends, ie: smoothies, frappes, iced chai, etc.

Can Add a Scoop Supplement Blends by used in lattes?

Yes, please stir the blend into the latte.

Does Add a Scoop Supplement Blends provide any point of sales materials?

Yes. Ask for yours with your order.

What is the scoop size?

To make everything as user-friendly as possible a standard 9 cc scoop is included in our herbal and vitamin blends. A slightly larger scoop size is standard in our protein blends.

Where are Add a Scoop Supplement Blends made?

Our Add a Scoop Supplement Blends are products of the USA. Our chemist acquires specific, natural, herbal ingredients from global sources. In accordance with our proprietary formulas, these ingredients are then prepared and packaged into recyclable HDPE canisters at our blending facility right here in the US. Our Blends are then ready for shipping to our retail clients and distributors.

Can pregnant women take Add a Scoop Supplement Blends?

If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, you should ask your doctor before using Add a Scoop Supplement Blends or Matcha GT (green tea).

Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. We are genuine people and we pride ourselves on being responsible to our obligations to our customers and community. As the parent company for Add a Scoop, we are listed with the Better Business Bureau under the name of Juice Bar Solutions, Inc.

Can you overdose on Add a Scoop Blends?

One scoop per day is what’s recommended.

Does Matcha GT contain sugar?

Although in Asian culture the pure flavor of tea is preferred, most Americans prefer their tea sweetened up so, yes our Matcha GT does contain added sugar. For a comparison with other teas, you can visit our blog.
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